Thursday, March 3, 2011

Who is Lord of Your Life?

Over the past few months God has put something on my
heart.  I did not share them because I
was not sure if it was a personal or corporate message.  However in the last month everything I am
hearing confirms what the Lord is saying. Last September I was troubled in my spirit this a year of preparation and organization.  This is not only in
the physical realm but especially in the spiritual realm. Have you ever
contemplated eternity?  The human mind
cannot comprehend everlasting to everlasting. However, we and everyone we come into contact with will spend eternity
in one of two places.  There are those
who say when you take your last breath here on earth your consciousness
ends.  The bible teaches our spirit and
our soul are eternal.  This choice has
grave consequences.  If you are wrong you
will spend eternity in hell. There are many that think because they have prayed
to receive Jesus as there Lord their eternal abode has been determined.  If you confess with your mouth and believe in
your heart you will be saved.  But I have
a question.  What do we believe?  Jesus is the Son of God?  The demons believe that, are they saved?  So it must be the confession.  So what do we confess? We confess the Lordship
of Jesus Christ.  If we have confessed
Jesus as Lord then we are saying we choose to die to self, our desires, our
likes and dislikes, our soul life.  This
is the condition God has for salvation; we die to self, and are resurrected
with Christ.  It is no longer we that
live but Christ living through you.  If
we fear the Lord, delight in His guidance and correction, we will not have to
fear judgment.  However grace is not
cheap.  If we choose not to walk in
obedience then we are not His.  We have
deceived ourselves if we think we can reject His commandments and still have
eternal life.   We will then choose to have our part in the
lake of fire with non-believers.  Be not
deceived we will all be judged at the White Throne of Judgment. Many will say
"Lord, Lord we have done things for You, witnessed for You." And He
will say: "Depart from Me you worker of iniquity, I never knew You!"
This knowing is an intimate knowledge as with a wife, or parent/child. Of
course He knows us in the common knowledge He knows all things. But He does not
have intimacy with us, because we have rejected His Lordship. He said "If
you love Me. you will keep My commandments. Are you keeping His commandments? Have you died to self-interest and permitted Christ to live through
you?  Is His agenda the priority in your
life?  What place do you put others in
your life?  Do you consider the before
yourself?  Do you love as Christ
loves?  Are you willing to lay down your
life for your enemies while they are yet sinners?  We all still fall into various sins.  But when we realize we are in sin we repent,
male amends, and press on to the mark. Our sin is not with forethought, intentionally do what we want in
rebellion to God.  These questions are
vital to your eternal destination.  We
must answer them honestly, and prayerfully before the Lord.    

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